The Art of Mafia Trilogy EN

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Beautiful picture book The Art of Mafia Trilogy The initial Mafia game entered the videogame field as one of the first Czech franchises to conquer the international market. Taking its rightful place amongst the most iconic titles, it brought Czech Republic recognition in the world of videogames. Along with its two following installments, this extraordinary series sold millions of copies all around the world. Experience Mafia in a new light and follow its first steps through development all the way to the present day. Don't let the title confuse you and explore four different titles of the franchise. You will find 20 years' worth of commentary chronicling the first game as well as it's remake and two following titles. The Art of Mafia Trilogy includes never-before-seen art from the development of this renowned Czech franchise. A must-have experience for every Mafia fan to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Genre: Artbook Author: Hangar 13 / Xzone Distribution: Cenega / 2K Games Number of pages: approx. 230-260 Language: ENG Design: Hardcover Format: 300 x 230 mm

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